From the family of Nyle Williams

To Debbie Street and the Entire Staff at Pine Ridge:

To each of you: a special thank you for your love and dedication to your patients and one another.  The attention each of you bestowed on Nyle truly made the last two years of his life a pleasant time for him.  He always had a smile and spoke highly of everyone there, who he considered his “family.”

He blossomed like a  flower and opened up with all the attention you all gave to him.  We are grateful to each of you.  May God continue to bless each of you as you show love in your jobs and lives to each of those you serve.

Our community is blessed to have such a caring facility that serves not only the phsysical and emotional needs of it’s patients, but you go beyond all that by helping them with the little, yet important tasks and dreams  they desire.  From the chaplain, housekeeping, kitchen staff, nurses, physical thereapists, social workers, office staff and others – any issue was addressed and any problems encountered were taken care of promptly.

Thanks so much to each of you for all you do.  The family of Nyle Williams.

Rick and Kathy Osborne